I’m Julia, a 21 year-old visual art student currently reading for my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts all the way down in Malta *cue google search-where?*

I love working with Sculpture- Painting- Digital Applications but experimenting with the plastic arts is my safe and happy zone (with an exception towards experimenting with new materials and processes -because, well…it’s new!).┬áThe themes I work around then again, are as hap-hazard as the variety of materials I’ve worked with in the past. They often revolve around multiple ideas, whether it being current socio-cultural affairs which directly influence me or…what I like to refer to as the unlimited source of research questions- figuring out <Time & Space> through the visual arts.

I rarely make sense when I speak, but that’s ok! because the reason why I don’t make sense is probably due to the fact that I have six hundred thoughts prancing around in my head- and with those six hundred thoughts I aim to spread them out like butter on toast, and try and contribute to the visual arts sector.

One last important thing ‘about’ me, if it hasn’t come across already- I love learning, and I doubt that will ever go away. I do believe that art should be made for the future, built from experiences and knowledge from the past and so I’ll never get stuck in a niche, because I really believe that what has yet to be done will always be more exciting than what you’re doing right now.