Literally everything I Like

Materials and processes have peaked my interest  because of the ability to  transform any sort of matter into all sorts of forms.

Bare with me here.

The ritual process of transforming something into another can offer infinitive possibilities. Take a piece of clay, pick it up, play with it, leave it there..and at some point it becomes a sculpture. Get a canvas, stick a brush in some paint and make a line on the canvas *ta daaa* it’s a painting.

My interests lay within the concept of manipulation and ‘created environment’ – but then again, this could change with any external influence which would inspire me to do something different. However, theses idea surrounding the concept of time and space has be creeping its little complex head into so many aspects of my work.

For one, The idea of time allows and constrains any creative thought or process and thus is one of the themes that I find myself constantly relating to. Like at the moment i’m procrastinating, but at the same time i’m counting how many days are left till my dissertation hand-in (how ironic). So if you think about it, time can even play a part as the creative process and how it is the constant underlying element in any artwork produced.

This goes hand in hand with the theme of place. A physical environment and a setting for a response in human behavior. It is a specific point in time and space created and mediated through human intervention. Place is perhaps a more relatable idea of time and space, it is intrinsically related to humankind which occupies it and inhabits it. Place is therefore a social and cultural artefact, a human construction, operating within the same web of meaning as the visual arts.

and.. boom – Lost my train of thought-

but look at these- It’s a site specific work I made out of concrete, and planted at college. 🙂



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