My head is going to explode – Dissertation Madness

So Im currently working on my dissertation- which is pretty much about the mutation of an artwork that makes use of digital technology and the effects of technology on that same artwork- dependent on the platform or space that the work is in. Does that make sense ? maybe not.


Brainfart here :

If an artwork can move across multiple dimensional spaces, between physical and digital/virtual, does it hold less value to a completely analogue method of making art?

The movement of ideas or artistic interventions across the different modalities of art making and how this is extended and supported through digital technology, together with the social and cultural shifts that digital technology creates in the meaning making process which determines and defines our relationship with art.

Could this be due to reducing the modality of an artwork to one of the elements that creates it? The development of technology perhaps introduces the contemporary interpretation of space no longer being identified as merely an element on a tangible plane.

When considering personal practice- when using an art process which crosses multiple spatial planes, how can you distinguish at which space is the artwork created or necessarily present?


I cant focus on my conclusion it seems.. how ironic.

P.s/ Side note:

This is some of the work i’m producing for the D.

final piece 3.jpg


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