Trope-l’oeil and a fantastic artist

Trope-l’oeil -french for ‘deceiving the eye’- is a technique which has been used as a method of creating optical illusions within the pictorial plane throughout the history of art.

It is actually pretty amazing, wait.

Think of this in relation to Northern Renaissance art, work such as ‘The Ambassadors’ (1533), by Hans Holbein the Younger (a sixteenth century German artist who worked in the Norther Renaissance style- but that’s obvious isn’t it not?) is perhaps a more relatable example of forced perspective on the viewer.

In layman’s terms, you have to tilt your head and dance around it to get the right perspective- just saying.


Now this method is one of the main influences on contemporary artist Pablo Garcia.

Garcia, who is pretty amazing too,  is an assistant professor at the school of art in Chicago and artist who was formally trained in architecture and design. In many of Garcia’s works we can observe this inspired method of forced perspective; such works include a series on ‘Momento Mori’ (an expression often used in sixteenth and seventeenth century painting). The tattoo is particularly interesting.


In this  series of work, Garcia channels Hans Holbeins use of Memento Mori, paired with the use of anamorphosis (which reference the use of ‘Trompe-l’oeil technique). Inspired by the historical reference, the artist manages to delve into the creation of a virtual environment/space by exploitation of new media techniques and technology.

But you already knew this post would come down to that

Anyhoo, I want one.


In my shittly little attempt at doing this, here’s a sneak peak of my latest work!



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