In light of recent discussions

In light of recent discussion- you’ve probably noticed- I’ve immersed myself in research surrounding the ideas of the global citizen, migration, islamophobia and what not..

*Side note:  Anti- Islam and Anti-Muslin prejudice has developed rapidly within the last 30 years, because of this Islamophobia or Muslimophobia could be described as the fear and or hatred towards the people with these religious beliefs. *


And I have to, just have to, mention this guy.

Ibrahim Mahama is contemporary artist from Ghana, and has recently become popular for his large-scale installations and use of controversial and unconventional materials in his artwork.
In the exhibition Fragments, which is currently on display at the Bermondsey, North Galleries, inside the White Cube, Mahama exhibits Non-Orientable Nkansa (2016)- an artwork which is made from pieces of stained wood. Through this monumental installation, the artists reflects on his thoughts and investigations of ‘nation labour’. Mahama organizes the repetitive use of hundreds of shoe-shiner’s boxes brought from Ghana to the UK, in attempt to emphasis with the labourers as well as to evoke an emotional connection between the audience and the artwork- sympathizing with the exploitation of these workers. By making use of mundane and raw materials, Mahama brings a certain realness to the work, were the symbol of those insignificant box embodies the enormity of exploitation today on a working class citizen.


Pretty fucking amazing don’t you think ?




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