Dare to discuss migration

Since the beginning of age, people have emigrated from one country to another for multiple reasons, whether due to voluntarily travel, economic migration or emigration for safety, in attempt to try and escape a war ridden homeland or country in political turmoil.
To this effect, when a communicative setting for an individual is altered, people find themselves attempting to adapt to a new social setting were many must learn to live and function within a new culture- others must adapt to inclusion of foreigners outside into their ‘societal bubble’. The issue however, lays with whether these people are genuinely excepted into the new society, or face discriminating injustices of the mass population

Local artists (yes, we have artists down in Malta) have been influenced by the theme of global citizenship, the concept of the citizen of nowhere and the any/all global issues surrounding immigration and discrimination as much as any other international artists across the world, directly impacting the artwork they produce.

Such artists have worked collectively as a part of organizations such as Kopin to bring awareness to such circumstances and global issues- one example of this would be the exhibition ‘Bodyless- Retelling African Migration Stories’. Participants included Aaron Bezzina, Matthew Attard, Teresa Scibberas, Maxine Attard and Sandro Spina.
The unifying factor within all artworks, are in attempt to allow creativity to be the driving force behind understanding Migration and discrimination, to abolishing all negative connotations and misconceptions and allowing an audience to engage with varied perspectives on the topic.

In other words… a great exhibition for one of those taboo topics that so, shouldn’t be taboo.



Matthew Attard’s ‘Untitled (L-istorja Gherqet)’, 2016


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