The Citizen of Nowhere

A Citizen of Nowhere could be perhaps best explained as any singular person who does not identify with any nation but rather consider themselves simply as a member of the human race. Nationality, race or citizenship becomes irrelevant in consideration to the importance of unity amongst mankind and peace among all nations. As a citizen of nowhere, the primary concern is to tackle any/all global issues as a united community, rather than ignoring the issues that are beyond the border of your country and closing a blind eye to issues that one might consider far from their reality.

The concept of the ‘Citizens of Nowhere’ or rather the ‘Global Citizen’, is a movement discussed on numerous occasions throughout history, such as the ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ in Hinduism (Maha Upanishad) or by Emmanuel Kant in the declaration of ‘Perpetual Peace’. One may even consider Adorno and Horkheimer and their exploration of the eighteenth-century ideas on reason that were first brought to light in The Age of Enlightenment, which focused on the reform of authority, liberty, tolerance, constitutional government and the abuses of the church in Europe. In 1944 Adorno together with philosopher Max Horkheimer, published ‘Dialectic of Enlightenment’- a book which had great impact on the twentieth century philosophy, having also left an impression on social, cultural and political phenomena.
More recently, leader of the conservative party and current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Theresa May said “If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you’re a citizen of nowhere”. In effect the discussions of issues directly related to what then was the current political debate on the future of Citizens of Britain would face after ‘Brexit’.

Whilst minorities value the right of equality and liberty towards all human rights, the majority remain consistent in their fight for the preservation of ‘nationalism’, even if this means being racist, discriminative, increase poverty and create war between nations. Subsequently, nowadays hundreds of sources of information are brought to the surface of global issues, amongst which the current most popular debates circulate around immigration or ethnic/religious/racial discrimination.


Whilst researching this theme I came up with a work i’m pretty proud of actually. It’s called the cure to all the problems in the world. The cure to all the problems in the world is an installation which aimed to reflect the materiality of our existence. The concept of charity evokes values of passion, responsibility and selflessness, bound with acts of kindness and activism to strive for global change. Last year in America over three hundred and fifty-eight billion dollars was donated to charity, but a vast amount of this was wasted through fraudulent and corrupt organizations. This not only deprives people who are in need, but sheds light on the dark side of a positive vocation. Knowing that this corruption will never end on the basis of pure greed- thus inspiring me to create a piece which would reflect this. The aim was to create work which provokes society into finding meaning, meaning that is not necessarily always there- to remind us how fake and artificial we have become.

Check her. Resin and Euro Bank notes (shredded)18450160_1671837502844300_221933431_n


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